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Our Story

Back to the Roots,
Tulcea, Romania.

Established in the heart of Tulcea in 2013, we serve delicious experiences, where locals can enjoy exceptional dishes made of fresh and healthy ingredients. Our menu features mouthwatering options and our team is here to help you plan your next big celebration. 

Wok Style
Asian ingredients

Hot, Sour, Sweet and
Oh, So Fresh

There’s never just one flavour in any dish, especially when it comes to Asian cuisines. In fact, at the heart of most Asian culinary arts, is the blending of multiple ingredients to create balanced combinations, with often up to four or five base flavours that enrich or accentuate the natural yumminess of meats, veggies, seafood and even carbs like rice and noodles. That said, every dish usually has its own distinct prominent flavours, made with the deft use of unique herbs, spices, sauces, pastes and condiments.

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